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Fauquier County DUI Defense Attorney

Defending DUI Charges Filed in Fauquier County, VA

At Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone, the legal team at has gained a reputation throughout the state for their many successes in difficult defense cases. The firm takes on cases fully determined to fight for justice, protect your rights, and to pursue a favorable case outcome. The firm has handled countless DUI defense cases, and has achieved many notable victories, even in felony cases. The first action to take after an arrest is to contact the firm and discuss your case - do not answer questions, or try to decide about a plea without getting a full case evaluation. There could be significant mistakes in your case that could lead to a dismissal of charges, or a reduced charge.

The firm is prepared to engage in a painstaking review of every detail involved, and to seek out the best possible defense options and prepare a case that could lead to a positive verdict. If law enforcement has violated your rights, whether in the initial stop or in the arrest, or in the administration of field sobriety tests or chemical tests, you can be confident that this will be brought to the attention of the court on an immediate basis. The firm is aggressive in defending each and every client, no matter how serious the charges.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Fauquier County: Aggressive and Qualified

The firm represents the accused in a range of DUI charges, and can answer your questions regarding DUI penalties, and what can be done for your DUI defense, what strategy to employ in cases of multiple DUI convictions, or how to fight underage DUI offenses. The firm is known for its professionalism, high level of client care and service, and in case results in all types of DUI cases, including but not limited to felony DUI, first time DUI, and those cases that involve charges of driving on a suspended license. If you need help getting a restricted license, call upon the firm at once. Some cases, in a conviction, will require the installation of an ignition interlock device.

You need to know what to expect, both in your defense and what can be done to fight back. If you are accused of causing the death of another in a case of vehicular manslaughter, or you are facing charges related to leaving the scene, get help from the firm immediately. No case is perfect, and it is important to have breath & blood test evidence and evidence of intoxication from field sobriety tests reviewed thoroughly. The attorney has a great deal of knowledge about how to take action to resolve a vehicle impoundment, challenging the evidence in a misdemeanor or felony DUI charges.

Act fast and contact the firm.

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