First Time DUI

First Time DUI in Virginia

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When an individual is arrested for DUI, the usual procedure is to administer a breath or blood test to determine the BAC (blood alcohol concentration). Legally, this is not an optional test, which means you are subject to a one year suspension of your driver's license if you refuse to allow testing. This suspension will be in addition to the mandatory one year suspension if you are convicted of the DUI charge. It is very important to consult a Virginia DUI attorney from the Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone if you are facing a 1st time DUI charge. A conviction for any DUI offense in Virginia is serious; lawmakers continue to increase penalties and fines, as well as other requirements, even when there has been no accident, injury or other consequences in the case.

First Time Misdemeanor Charges for DUI in Virginia: Your Options

Any person charged with DUI is immediately given a seven day administrative suspension of driving privileges. The possible penalties for conviction on a first offense if your BAC at .08 or above could include a long term in jail, fines as high as $2,500 and a driver's license suspension for one year. In practice this often turns into a suspended jail sentence, a smaller fine, a one year suspension of your license and enrollment in the VASAP (Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program).

A higher BAC can involve a mandatory minimum jail sentence (BAC of .15 to 2.0 is a mandatory minimum of 5 days in jail, or longer if you have a prior conviction). A BAC over .20 is a mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail and the installation of an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you operate. If the DUI also involves an accident or injury the penalties will be very, very severe, often including incarceration in a state correctional facility. As there is so much at stake, including your freedom, it is vital that a highly skilled DUI lawyer reviews your case, and establishes a strategy for your DUI defense.

Second and subsequent convictions have even more substantial penalties. The legal team at the firm will explore every possible strategy that could lead to achieving an acquittal or getting the charges dismissed or reduced. Keeping your driving record and criminal record clear of a DUI conviction is important to your future. You can discuss the circumstances of your arrest and get more detailed information from an experienced attorney by calling Law Offices of Michael A. Pignone for an initial consultation.